Lebo Citizens


Deer Archery-Related Accidents/Incidents

Date            Time                 Address                     Called 911     Comments

09/27/15      N/A              “In Steve Silverman’s Ward”           Details unavailable                                            

09/27/15     N/A               Washington Rd.              Yes            Car/wounded deer collision. Details unavailable.

09/27/15   4:00 PM    832 Ridgeview Dr. 15228      Yes             Doe with large gash on back “resting” in backyard.

09/29/15   6:00 AM   318 Hazel Dr. 15228               No (called PW)  Deer partially on sidewalk, covered with bloody tarp. Deer across the street pacing back and forth on sidewalk.


09/29/15    8:00 AM  318 Hazel Dr. 15228                ---              Deer had been removed, but bloody tarp remained.

10/01/15 10:00 AM Property between Clemson and Sandrae Yes Botched archery attempt. 911 fired 4 shots to kill wounded doe.



10/03/15   3:07 PM   834 Maplewood Dr. 15234      Yes            “Deer in backyard appears to be shot. Insides hanging out.”

10/05/15  10:00 AM      755 Shady Lane 15228          Yes           Out of towner out walking dog, issued $120 citation for trespassing

10/08/15 9:05 PM  Hoover School area                  Yes                Possible gunshot heard.


10/14/15 approx. 7:00 PM         Segar Road         Yes       Baby deer with an arrow sticking out of its side

10/30/15 approx. 10 PM  High School area           No                    Gunshots heard

10/31/15 Greenhurst Drive                                     No                  Blood stains on road

11/9/15 Cedar Blvd. approx. 4 PM                        TBD                Blood trail from Morgan Dr. to Bird Park